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Shelter from the Storm: Chapter 1 - tcreader — LiveJournal
Shelter from the Storm: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: A Horse Man

Ellery reined Socks to a slow canter, falling behind Colson, who had raced ahead on the spirited Nellie, and then as she began to trot, jarring him in the saddle, he pulled her to a walk, and Colson turned Nellie around and came back.

“You okay back there?”

“Need ta slow down a bit,” Ellery said, “I guess I wasn’t as used to it as all that.”

“She goin too hard?”

Ellery leaned down a bit and stroked Socks’ neck, and she bobbed her head in response, worrying the bit. “A little. I think she’s tryin ta keep up with Nellie.”

“Huh,” Colson said. “Don’t sound like Socks, maybe she’s anxious ta get out an prove herself. I haven’t given Socks too much exercise a late, may have ta get Ben ta ride her a little more often. Ya want ta go back?”

“We only been out here an hour, Colson, don’t seem like much of a goin ridin ta me.”

“I don’t want ta be draggin you along neither, Ellery, we can do a little sittin around.”

“Nah, let’s go further, maybe she’ll settle, if it’s more ridin she needs.”

Colson nodded and clicked at Nellie and they started back off, this time at a walk. “There’s a nice trail along the creek up here, lots a trees fer shade, maybe we just take it slow for a while.”

“Sure.” Ellery fell to thinking as they wandered, uphill at first, then along a trickle of water edged with large shady ash and cottonwoods. The creek made the vegetation more lush than the relatively bare countryside around it, and the shade made the air cooler and more comfortable. Colson let Nellie tug him off the trail and she plunged her muzzle into the creek, splashing in with both forefeet, and Ellery walked Socks in as well, and she too, lowered her head to drink.

“Looks like they got their own ideas, huh?” Colson said. “This Nellie is a great little gal, made me real proud ta see Katie Ann ride off on her that day.”

“In spite a you putting her off yesterday, Colson, I can’t help but think maybe you’d like it if she came down an went ridin with you a bit more, spendin a little time with just you.”

“Well I ain’t invited her cause if I did she might think I want her ta leave Bud an I don’t want her to think I do or want her ta just come down here ta Tourmaline so I can solve all her problems. I ain’t ready fer something like that.”

“You sure it ain’t more ya don’t want yer ex wife accusin you a stealin her away from her?”

“She’s always been real close to her momma, I can’t see Laura thinkin that. Bud maybe, but not Laura.”

“If you say so.”

“You don’t really think Katie Ann wants ta come down here.”

“Well yeah I do. She seemed ta be hintin. She don’t want money from me, Ellery. I think she’s unhappy, an not just because I ain’t around Prescott anymore.”

“Could be. Ya know, if I keep that apartment free over the bar, if she did want ta she could stay there. It’s a man’s apartment but she could fix it up a bit, put up some curtains or somethin an pretty it up.”

“Hm, well, might be okay if she was ta come an visit. Maybe a little time away would help without her goin all the way.” Colson tugged lightly on Nellie’s rein. “You got ta have a tank full now, Nellie, let’s get er up.” Nellie raised her head, muzzle dripping, and Ellery clicked and patted Socks’ neck once more, and the horses moved away from the cool trickle of creek water and back up onto the trail.

Ellery smiled over at Colson. “This is kind a fun. Ridin is sort a like meditation time, ya think about things ya don’t take time for the rest a the week when everythin is too frantic.”

“Yeah. Sometimes I just ride an don’t think a nothin but hoofbeats, ya know? Lettin em clump along, then goin fast fer a while just fer a bit of a change.” But Colson kept Nellie to the brisk walk, and both horses seemed content with the leisurely pace. They rode at a walk along the creek until the trail got rocky and disappeared, the creek driven underground through the rocks of an outcrop, and they dismounted briefly, stretching, and taking a drink and eating the snacks of apples and cheese and a fresh biscuit.

“This ain’t gonna hold me very long,” Colson said. “Didn’t eat enough breakfast.”

“Didn’t eat no goddamn breakfast, Colson,” Ellery said. “Unless that’s yer new word fer blowjob.”

“Oh yeah.” He smiled and looked slightly away.

Ellery snaked his arm around Colson’s shoulder. “What is with you about that? I got ta say, I was about convinced that you didn’t really like suckin cock, an then here you are two days in a row, like it was some new invention you saw in a book.”

Colson blushed, pushing a slice of apple in his mouth instead of replying, and Ellery looked at him curiously. When he swallowed, he gave Ellery a sheepish look. “I dunno. I guess it just… got interestin.”

“Got interestin, huh?. Not that I’m complainin…it just… took me by surprise is all.”

“You like it,” Colson said, a frown crossing his features. “How come you like it?”

“Yeah but I always liked it. You changed somehow.”

“I did?”

“Yeah. Think about it.”

“That ain’t the only thing,” Colson replied unhelpfully.

“That’s true, but takes a while ta get used ta bein penetrated. It’s a skill.”

“Blowjob’s a skill too ain’t it?”

Ellery gave him a wide smile. “Came pretty naturally ta you seems like.”

“That a compliment?”

Ellery leaned in and nuzzled his neck. “Sure is. Now we can go back. I think that roast a beef is callin ta you.”

They remounted and headed out, Colson leading Nellie on a fast canter to get them underway, and in a little over an hour, they were back in sight of Wes’ ranch, sweaty, winded, and Ellery rubbing his low back when he thought Colson wasn’t watching.

To their surprise, when they came up to the paddock, Ben was leading Pal out of the barn. “Hey Ben, I didn’t know you was out workin today,” Colson said.

“Hi Colson, hi Ellery,” Ben nodded. “Figured I’d get a few things done, I’m gonna be takin a little time off cause a the weddin. You’re both comin I hope, we put you in as accepted.”

Colson looked blank. Ellery said “Uh… that ain’t next week is it?”

“Yep, Sunday at the First United Methodist, 2 p.m.”

“Shit, I got ta get a suit,” Ellery said. “I take it my dress blacks ain’t suitable fer weddin attire.”

Colson stopped unsaddling Nellie. “I… ain’t got a suit.”

“Then I guess we’re both gonna go out an get suits, Colson,” Ellery said cheerfully.

Edna came to the door. “You boys ready ta eat? Food’ll be on the table in about twenty minutes or so.”

“We’ll be right there, Edna,” Ellery called. “You havin lunch with us, Ben?”

“Gee I spose I could, I was gonna take Pal out an give er some exercise.”

“Oh come on, have dinner, Edna ain’t gonna let you stay out here workin with us havin a nice roast beef dinner,” Colson said.

He grinned. “Ain’t that the truth. I’ll leave Pal out here in the paddock with the others then,” he said, and then helped Ellery take off Socks’ saddle.

“Can’t believe that weddin is next week…” Ellery said. “Seemed like it crept up on me when I wasn’t payin attention. You ready fer married life there, Ben?”

The boy blushed. “Don’t know. Truth is, I’m scared ta death.”

Colson gave him a nod and a smile. “You’ll be fine.”

“Hope so,” he said, hefting the saddle. “Never seen you out on a horse, Ellery. Have a good time?”

“Well yeah, kinda. Sort a lost the knack though.”

“Bullshit, you did fine,” Colson said.

“Boys, you comin?” Called Edna once more as they dawled over putting away the tack.

“Comin. Hope you don’t mind we invited Ben ta join us,” Ellery said.

“The more the merrier,” Edna said. “Now you boys get in here an have some lemonade an cool off.”

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