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The 'L' Word - tcreader — LiveJournal
The 'L' Word

(Saturday/Sunday, November 10-11, 1984)

“I never ever thought I would survive till Saturday,” Jeremy sighed, heaving himself into bed. “Goddamn what a fuckin week.”

“You just want a sleep? We can always fuck tomorrow…” Nick said, his smile mischievous as he turned in the bed, placing his hand provocatively on his hip as if to advertise. “If ya let me sleep over that is.”

Jeremy moaned softly, body tensing, his hand reaching for the hand on Nick’s hip. He knew how this went – Nick wanted him to make a move, show he was wanted. Jeremy’s arousal was not enough – he had to take an initiative before Nick would respond. So unlike the women… he thought suddenly, Nick was easy to read, and Jeremy knew what he wanted. “Sure… ya can sleep over…”

Nick leaned in closer, breath hot on Jeremy’s ear, his tongue flicked out and touched Jeremy’s earlobe. “That mean ya don’t want a fuck now?”

“Mhmhmmmm…” Jeremy’s moan deepened, and he tensed with arousal, pulling the lazy, reluctant hand of his lover onto his cock, making that pass which told Nick he wanted him.

“Hmmm well, not so tired then…” Nick said brightly.

“Nnnn….no…” Jeremy shuddered as Nick’s tongue described a slow whorl around the outside of his ear.

“I’d rather be lickin yer ass, sweet thing,” Nick whispered huskily. “Getting ya all wet an runny an twitchin for it, beggin for cock. Ya want it…. Ya need it ya know.”

Jeremy sighed, his hand tightening over the hand lightly stroking him, his thighs tensed as he thrust up, Nick’s attention almost entirely focused on the litany of dirty-talk in Jeremy’s receptive ear doing more work to arouse him than his hand could. “Oh….” Jeremy sighed. “Yeah. I need it.”

“Tell me what ya want.”

Jeremy squeezed his eyes closed, unable to stand both the sight and sensation of Nick masturbating him while he whispered, and he gulped. This never got easier to do, but the erotic power Nick exercised over him with this foreplay of interrogation did not get old, and banished the exhaustion that was edging into Jeremy’s body. “I want ya ta … lick me… lick my… “

“Yer pretty brown pucker, sweet thing…” Nick nibbled on Jeremy’s earlobe. “Roll over an spread for me, sweet thing, show me yer pretty brown pucker.”

Jeremy’s pulse juddered in his chest, his fingers tightening on Nick’s hand before letting it go, and Nick patted his hip, urging him over gently. Jeremy rolled onto his chest, thighs open, and rose onto his elbows, trembling with urgency, eyes closed, his head bowed against the pillow.

Nick rose onto one knee and ran a hand down the outside of Jeremy’s hip, squeezing the trembling rise of his ass, thumb pressing in. “You like it when yer Nicky makes ya do it.”

“Yeah,” came the brief, muffled reply.

“Ya want my tongue an then my cock don’t ya boy… ya greedy thing,” his voice was amused, his thumb pushing suggestively toward the cleft but not moving further.

“Yeah,” Jeremy sighed again.

“Up on yer knees, an hold yer cock,” Nick said, making a lazy circle on Jeremy’s ass with his hand, waiting for Jeremy to heed his command. And Jeremy rose to his knees, arching back, presenting his ass as his hand slipped over the base of his cock, another small, lingering moan escaping him. “Should just let ya stay that way a while, but we can try that tomorrow after ya got the edge off,” Nick said contemplatively. He touched the base of Jeremy’s spine and made a gentle stroking motion between the now-spread cheeks, lingering just slightly over the delicate sphincter before moving south once more, fingers brushing Jeremy’s hand, and then leaned in once more, kissing the same area, then licking there, casually, making his way down without stopping, languidly, slowly

“Oh god,” Jeremy said softly.

“Mmmmmm….” Nick finished the circuit and then licked back upward once more. “Open up for my tongue, baby,” he spoke against the flesh of Jeremy’s ass, one hand now steadying Jeremy’s hip, and did not wait before he probed and lapped the responsive sphincter and then probed inward, his fingers holding Jeremy open to be pleasured, and when he saw Jeremy begin to pump himself he rewarded him with a deeper, more penetrating thrust with his tongue, teased with his hands, kneading the large muscle and then suddenly pulling back, sliding a pair of fingers deep in, curved toward Jeremy’s even more responsive prostate, and this time the responding moan was ragged and needy, and he rose from initial task and fingered Jeremy smoothly, rolling a condom onto his cock with his other hand. “Tell me ya want this cock,” he said, thrusting in harder with his fingers at that magical spot once more.

“I want yer cock… oh Nicky…” Jeremy breathed, the slight endearment bursting from him unexpectedly. “Please, Nicky…” he whispered hoarsely.

Nick seized the lube and covered his sheathed erection and nudged in. “Ya want it.”

“Oh yeah.”

“Ya love it.”

“You bet,” came the automatic reply.

Nick took a deep breath. It was time to take a risk. He plunged in then, watching Jeremy’s body, his eyes rolling up at the rhythmic spasm of Jeremy’s bowels, hardly able to stand the pleasure of the sudden penetration.

“Ohhhh!” Jeremy cried, bucking his hips and nearly dislodging him – but Nick was holding fast.

“I’m gonna fuck ya now,” Nick said, his voice low, intimate, as he pulled back and thrust in smaller motions.

Jeremy’s response by now was incoherent, except for whimpers and moans… and not long later, the strangled cry of release. Nick rode him with shallow, rapid strokes, until Jeremy’s orgasm gripped his cock in an irresistible series of squeezes, and he pounded hard until suddenly arrested by his own sudden orgasm.

He pulled out immediately and rolled the condom off. When he returned to the bed, Jeremy had sunk down against the pillow and rolled onto his side, sticky and spent.

“Ya liked that…?” this time, Nick’s query was a true question.

Jeremy nodded, not trusting his voice just yet. As Nick settled in against him, stealing a brief kiss, he finally spoke. “I think this Saturday night just got a little better.”

(The next day)

“You getting up?” Nick stood in the doorway, hip cocked, leaning casually against the doorjamb, hair damp. “I made coffee.”

Jeremy opened one eye and moaned, clawed the pillow off his face and blinked in the sudden sunlight. “Need ta get that blind fixed.”

Nick launched himself off the doorjamb and took the three paces to the bed on bare feet. “Sunlight’s good fer you night owls, sweet thing,” he bent low and licked the little patch of exposed chest, managing to graze Jeremy’s right nipple.

“Jesus god yer a caution, Nick.”

Nick paused, one knee half raised to kneel over him, and mock-pouted. “I was Nicky last night. Or more correct – I was ‘please Nicky’ last night.” His smile widened to wickedness.

“Yeah, it was…” Jeremy smiled sleepily. “So c’mere, please Nicky…”

Nick climbed in, throwing a leg over the sleep-warm thigh of his lover. “Ya let me stay over, that is a big move. That mean something?”

“Means I’m tired a commuting ya back to the Red Stallion an I am sure fuckin pissed that Lance an Sergio ruined it fer you ta have me over there cause it’d sure be convenient.”

“But ya got ta see it Ellery’s way. If that were a queer love pad then every man Jack an Wayne would be up there suckin cock like it was the Siesta motel.”

“They got queers stayin over at the Siesta Motel?” Jeremy’s brows shot up.

“Just sayin,” Nick said, nuzzling his shoulder. “I got a get out a there anyhow, but I ain’t never gonna do it on the cheap-ass tips I get there, no matter how good service, I got a wiggle my ass a whole lot more’n you’ll ever let me ta make enough money ta get a place close ta you.”

“So yer really interested in me, huh?” Jeremy said

Nick looked up from his preoccupation with licking Jeremy’s earlobe. “What gave it away? Fuck, babe – if you said the word I’d follow ya back ta the Army.”

Jeremy snorted. “I don’t know how ya can be so sure.”

“Cause I –“ Nick stopped short. “You got a memory defect or something? Wasn’t that you I heard beggin an pleadin an oh goddin when my cock was ticklin yer tonsils?”

Jeremy closed his eyes, blushing. “Um. Yeah.”

“Well – don’t ya think that means something? You ever do that with –“

“C’mon Nick that ain’t fair.”

“That’s right – yer an ass virgin.” Nick sat up, looking serious. “This is too heavy ta go without coffee so are we gonna fuck some more or get heavy?”

“Coffee, okay,” Jeremy said, his heart missing a beat at the mention of ‘fuck some more.’ “Not that I don’t…”

Nick grinned. “Ya know I ain’t a pouty little bitchboy after a night like had so no need ta pussy foot around with me. Yer cock talks the talk.” Nick brushed the tips of his fingers over Jeremy’s half-stirring erection. “But we better talk anyhow, we’ve reached a juncture.”

Jeremy sat up. “Glad ya see it that way.”

“Just don’t be sayin ya don’t think I’m love with ya is all. I know I am,” Nick pronounced, hopping out of bed and slipping on a pair of Jeremy’s sweat pants. They hung off him like a sack of potatoes, and he cinched the waist. “Jesus, boy, yer built like a brick shithouse, I can’t even keep yer sweatpants on me,” he commented.

“Maybe you got to work out more,” Jeremy said, rising and stretching. He felt the familiar pang of discomfort from sex, and knew he should shower. “Could you make some toast or summat while I shower? I’m all –“

Nick took a step closer and slid his hands around Jeremy’s waist and then cupped his ass, pulling him close and leaning up toward him. “Yer all warmed up. Now let’s have that coffee an that talk an then I’m gonna grease ya up an do it all again.”

Jeremy ran his fingers through his short cropped hair. He liked the fact that it was growing out once more, and he didn’t have to use the clippers on it anymore. Military life is over, boy. It’s police time. An if Ellery can get away with it –

He smiled at himself, daring a sultry look at himself in the mirror. Detective Third Grade in four months, and already comparing himself to Ellery – now that is ego, boy. And what’s he got that I haven’t got? A few million dollars maybe, a bar, and a man who wouldn’t look left or right – someone he trusts enough to love.

And he knows he’s queer. He winced, looking away from the mirror, picked up a comb and ran it through his hair, a hand lingering on his chest where Nick had lavished all of his attention – sucks my tits like I’m a girl an I beg em. That makes me queer.

“You comin out a there or I got a go in an fetch you?” came Nick’s voice behind the door.

Jeremy startled. “Comin.” He pulled on a t-shirt and shorts, not daring to dress further after Nick’s quick promise.

Nick was still in Jeremy’s grey sweats, chest bare, feet up and crossed, sipping a cup of coffee and munching on toast. “Yers is right there, sweet thing.”

Jeremy smiled to himself. “You use every excuse don’t you?”

Nick set down his toast. “You ain’t had me for breakfast since …” he giggled. “Ya want a have me for breakfast?” he winked.

“Yer comin on strong again, boy.”

“I am intoxicated. I am … drunk on ya.” Nick raised his hand and put it to his nose and then turned it toward Jeremy, who stood as if transfixed halfway between the kitchen and the living room, staring at Nick. “The smell a yer sweat is an aphrodisiac, an that is no lie.”

“Jesus Christ.” Jeremy blushed.

Nick looked up at him. “Okay I’ll stop. Is that so hard ta take?”

“Permission ta speak freely…” Jeremy said, reversing a chair and lowering himself onto it, knees apart. Nick grinned down at his white-clothed body.

“You could be an underwear model. Go ahead, permission granted.”

Jeremy gulped slightly. “Yer like a ton a bricks, Nick. I met some real high powered guys before, but when you get on a tear, god help ya if ya get drunk. You got Wayne potential—“

“You gonna compare me to that SLUT?” Nick looked disgusted.

“Whoa I said potential.”

“I ain’t never gonna live that thing down am I?”

Jeremy sighed. “You said permission granted.”

“Okay I’ll shut up.” Nick seemed to lose interest in his toast then, and dropped his feet from the coffee table, face stony.

“Nick –“

“Go ahead.”

“You come on real strong.”

“You don’t mind that a bit when I’m stickin it in.”

“No. Yer right. Yer absolutely right. So let me finish a thought. I like it, I like you, an I --- fuck.”

“You LIKE ME?”

Jeremy suddenly rose and went into the bedroom, sat down and pulled on his jeans, and Nick hopped up from the sofa, blocking the doorway. “Tell me how ya really feel why don’t ya?”

Jeremy stared at him. “You want a know? You really want a know? The thing I ain’t never told nobody ever before in my whole life, not even my own momma or daddy?”

Nick nodded. “Bring it on, boy.”

Jeremy got to his feet, sliding the belt through the loopholes, doing a bad job of it. “You want a know, nobody ever wanted ta know. They don’t give a fuckin shit about what I wanted.”

“I want ta know.”

Jeremy rushed him, curled hands over his shoulders. “Are you sure? Cause once it’s said it ain’t ever gonna get unsaid. So you think hard.” His voice was low, fierce, his eyes blazing, and Nick gulped, looking up into them, his own unflinching.

“I though hard. I don’t got a think no more.”

Jeremy gulped once more, and looked down into his face. “All right.” He reached down and fastened his belt.

“Them clothes are goin the wrong way,” Nick observed.

“No they ain’t, cause what I got ta say I got ta say with my pants an shirt on an without you smirkin at my cock.”

“Fair enough,” Nick winced. He didn’t yield the doorway.

“I .”


“Shut the fuck up,” Jeremy said.

Nick snapped his teeth shut, and Jeremy nodded. “I love you. I love – you. And Ellery is gonna call me a stupid sumbitch who is thinking with his dick and that is just too bad.”

Nick smiled. “What did you say?”

“I said Ellery –“

“The part before that.”

“I said. I love you.”

“So ya did.”

Jeremy trembled.

“You never told yer momma you loved her?”

Jeremy shook his head.

“How come?”

“Cause I didn’t love her.”

“Oh babe…” Nick sighed. “My momma is an A number one psycho hysterical nutcase sometimes but shit, I love her.”

“That is just how it is.” Jeremy sat down on the bed, his hands now quiescent on his knees.

“I’m sorry, sweet thing.”

“So am I Nicky.”

“Ya got me now.”

“Yeah, seems that way.” Jeremy’s voice sounded hollow.

“Don’t make it sound like ya got a brain tumor.”

Jeremy looked up and Nick had entered the room once more, approaching him as if creeping toward a wild horse trembling and corralled, waiting for the saddle, his eyes opening wide. “That’s strange.”

“What’s strange?” Nick slid onto the edge of the bed, not yet touching, and Jeremy trembled.

“That’s exactly what Colson said.”

“Then Colson an me are 100% in agreement.”

“It ain’t like havin a brain tumor?”

“I ain’t had one yet but I imagine the headaches aren’t as bad bein queer.”

Jeremy barked a short laugh. “You gonna make me take off all my clothes now an tease me all over again for that?”

“Ya want me ta?”

Jeremy nodded. “I got something more ta say.”

“Is this the bad news now?” Nick gave him a quick look, reassessing rapidly.

“No, this ain’t the bad news. I don’t want ya ta go anymore. I want ya ta stay.”

“You do?” Nick’s voice cracked.


“Ellery is gonna give ya shit.”

“Ellery just had a whirlwind illegal weddin, an if he don’t understand than nobody will. I can take Ellery’s shit.”

“Damn, boy,” Nick grinned, eyes shining. “Christmas came all at once. Or did you just come real good?”

“I got my pants on,” Jeremy argued.

“So ya do, but I can fix that.”

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From: ellenlj Date: March 30th, 2008 12:18 am (UTC) (Link)

Jeremy trembled.

Having commented the first time around, I haven't on the re-posting... but boy, this was moving. All that self-possession and maturity and composure - and he never trusted anyone enough to love them. Darling Jeemy, so glad Nick would not take no for an answer.

Thank you!

From: tcreader Date: March 30th, 2008 12:21 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Jeremy trembled.

great to know you are rereading, Ellen! I have to say that I am not sure how it all happened but it would seem that Jeremy and Nick are the kind of couple that seem to go together..a strange and potent combination, like Colson and Ellery!
mariez65 From: mariez65 Date: March 30th, 2008 02:01 am (UTC) (Link)
Thank you, thank you, Louise - what a perfect little gem this little story is!

One tiny "t" missing"

“I thought hard. I don’t got a think no more.”
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