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Dupree's Choice: Chapter 1 - tcreader — LiveJournal
Dupree's Choice: Chapter 1

1. Nick

Well, that sucks. First guy I actually say I’m in love with, an we get it on and he goes off on a date with a girl.

Nick stood in front of the mirror in his room, naked, assessing himself critically from head to toe, wondering what part of him had not won over the reluctant heart of Jeremy Dupree. Twenty-two, and over the hill, maybe. Technique slippin.

But that couldn’t be it. There was no mistaking the raw passion, the unrestrained need, in Jeremy, neither in the first shy kissing and fumbling, or the second, full-bore intercourse that went most of the night, that Saturday night. Nick had been with men before – he knew what reluctant was, and that was NOT Jeremy. In fact, his sheer enthusiasm was what had drawn Nick out, made him determined: this man is mine, and I am gonna have em.

But his mind returned to the one sore point, like an aching tooth: then why is he goin out with a girl tonight instead a me?

The Red Stallion was closed tonight – so it was either the Carousel downtown, or the trip to the queer bar down on Route 17 out of the county. They had dancing there. He mulled it over, pulling on a t-shirt and fresh undershorts.

“Nick – Nick are you up?” his mother’s voice, muffled, right up against the door.

“Yeah I’m up. Dressin.”

“I didn’t hear you come in last night.”

“That’s cause I didn’t come in last night. I came in this mornin.”

“Nick you know that isn’t good for –“ two beats. Momma would figure it out in three, two one -- “Oh my goodness Nick, are you sleeping with some poor girl already? Come out here and talk to me.”

Still in underwear, Nick opened the door, and his mother stepped back, confronted by his state of undress, and pressed a hand to her mouth. “Nick, put something on for heaven’s sake!”

“Why are you askin me about my personal life, Momma? I came back here to visit and have a nice Thanksgivin with you all, and yer pickin at me about stayin out. You didn’t mention a curfew in your letters asking me to take my leave back here.”

Roy Sampson, M.D., came down the stairs. “No, there isn’t any curfew Nick, but try to use a more respectful tone with your mother. She is worried about you.”

“I was out. No I didn’t break no girl’s heart. I didn’t drive with anybody drunk, and you got no need to worry someone is going to show up in nine months with a bundle a joy saying ‘This is your new grandson’. Now is the inquisition finished?”

“I am finding that hard to believe,” Sarah Sampson chewed on her lower lip, brow creased with worry more than indignation.

Nick sighed in exasperation. “Fine. Ya want the whole story? I’m queer an I was out with a soldier all night, an we had some really good queer lovin, an I really don’t think you want ta know much more about that!” he said.

Sarah put a hand to her mouth and bit down on her knuckles. “No need ta start spinnin fairytales!” she exclaimed.

“You aren’t serious, Nicholas,” his father said, his frown deepening.

“Fairytales, that’s a good one, Momma. Now can I get dressed, please? I’ll get out a yer hair an you can go back ta speculatin about what I am doin on my leave after I’m gone.” He closed the door of his room, irritated and slightly surprised. Tell em the plain truth and they don’t believe it – but they’ll believe anything else they can dream up, as long as it involves some girl and their future grandkids.

Goddamn. He pulled on his jeans and a thick sweatshirt. He needed to run off his anger, direct it toward something useful, instead of the frown on his mother’s face. They ain’t any different than anybody else. They just want their son ta grow up, get married, an have a career an kids so they can be proud of the beautiful grandchildren. And that ain’t ever gonna happen, Momma.

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mariez65 From: mariez65 Date: March 17th, 2008 01:14 am (UTC) (Link)
Oh, yay! I've been looking forward to re-reading this, Louise - thanks!
From: ladybullet Date: March 20th, 2008 11:07 pm (UTC) (Link)

Dupree's Choice

Louise: Love Duprees's Choice. How can I read the remaining chapters? New at this, please help! Love, diane
From: tcreader Date: March 20th, 2008 11:19 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Dupree's Choice

Just go to next entry or look at 'Recent Entries' and you will see further chapters.
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