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The Law of Greenlea County: Chapter 1 - tcreader — LiveJournal
The Law of Greenlea County: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Sex, Lies and Videotape

(Saturday, October 21, 1984)

Pete had breakfast with Colson and Ellery, and then excused himself. Relieved of the burden of the hidden camera videotape, he relaxed somewhat, shared a cup of decaf with them, and then headed home in his old pickup truck.

“Poor Pete,” Ellery said softly, sitting back down in the recliner after seeing him out the door.

“Stupid ass Pete – shouldn’t a got mixed up with Wayne.”

“Shouldn’t a got mixed up with Wilson Brand ya mean. Wayne ain’t so bad when he’s thinkin straight. But Wayne’s got a lot ta deal with, an who knows how long he’s got – he’s got all he can do to even get a boyfriend now, considerin his condition,” Ellery said.

“I know. But he gets under my skin,” Colson defended, picking up another doughboy and picking at it with his fingers.

“Don’t I know it. But Colson – that could a been us.”

“I know. Sorry.”

“I just think maybe we should ease off a bit. Wayne ain’t usually such an asshole, so he must a been goin through somethin ta be mouthin off about Pete.”

“Or maybe he got somebody else an was tryin ta blow Pete off. He is a fuckin flirt down at that bar, Ellery.”

“You think the way he dances is flirtin, though,” Ellery said.

Colson nodded toward the videotape sitting on top of the other cassette cases under the television. “What are ya gonna do with that? Make me watch it again?”

“I dunno. Maybe I was a chicken shit makin you look at it an not lookin at it myself. I got no reason ta be afraid a seein Beagle doin it with another guy.”

“Ya got no reason ta watch it neither,” Colson said, his voice tight.

Ellery looked up, watching Colson for a long moment. “Except ta confirm that it’s what Pete says it is. Or whether it’s something else. Wayne had it for a reason, an they fought over it.”

“Ellery…” Colson said, a warning tone in his voice.

“If I don’t look at it, it might tell you Beagle still means something ta me.”

“You cried about it, darlin. He did mean somethin to you. I held you down arms an legs ta keep you from goin inta Tourmaline ta kick em down the stairs that night he called from Rudy’s. An what he was doin that night is on that tape. That wasn’t too long ago. I don’t --” Colson cut himself off.

“Ya don’t want ta see me cry again over some asshole who done me wrong. I can’t say I blame ya there, Colson.”

“Yeah,” Colson said, tossing the uneaten biscuit back onto his plate.

Ellery bent down and picked up the videotape, pressed the power button on the remote control, and slid the tape into the player, pressing the ‘mute’ button and then “Rewind.” The machine made a small “clunk” indicating the tape was already at the beginning, and the rewind halted. “Why don’t ya look at the beginnin an tell me if this is the same thing ya saw before,” he said.

“Okay,” Colson replied, then looked up at the screen. As before, when Colson had viewed the tape for Ellery, he saw an abrupt beginning with an unidentified back facing the camera, walking into the room, then a second one in a dark shirt – Rudy and Beagle. He swallowed as they came into sharper focus and turned as they climbed onto the bed and began kissing and fumbling with each others’ clothes. “Turn it off. It’s the same thing,” he said, mouth dry.

Ellery stopped it, then rewound it, then pressed “Record.” “This’ll take a little while.”

“Ya erasin it?”


Colson smiled faintly. “Good.”

“I just wish this tape would stop turnin up,” Ellery said, rising abruptly and picking up his coffee cup and plate. “I got ta go back ta bed. I don’t feel too good.”

Colson stood up, taking his own plate and cup, following Ellery into the kitchen. “You okay?”

“No,” Ellery answered, his voice soft, turning away as he set the plate and cup down.

“Look at me,” Colson said. Ellery stood still for a heartbeat, and then turned his head, looking into Colson’s eyes, and Colson’s hands closed on his arms. “What?”

Ellery’s eyes were gleaming with unshed tears. “He don’t mean nothing ta me.”

“Yer still hurt.”

“But it ain’t because –“

“Yer still hurt. Ya might be hurt forever. But that don’t matter ta me. I just don’t want ya tearin up inside over em – he ain’t worth it.”

Ellery sighed, the tension in his body ebbing out as Colson’s hands held his arms tightly. “I know,” he said, and his words were cut off by Colson’s insistent, bruising kiss, his tongue prying Ellery’s mouth open and probing with a sudden aggression that stopped Ellery’s breath momentarily. “I’m the one who loves you,” Colson said fiercely, his words hissed hot against Ellery’s lips. “Not him.”

“I know,” Ellery whispered back. “Show me.” Colson let him go, but only for a moment, then grasped Ellery’s hand and pulled him down the hall, then seized his arm once more, his right hand racing down the front of his shirt, opening buttons, hands eager for his naked flesh once more.

“I’ll show ya,” Colson replied, working his fly open and unzipping him, then pushing his pants down. “Lie down.”

Ellery complied, letting his pants drop and lying back on the bed. Colson undressed hurriedly, aroused by that demon of jealousy so easily stirred by the thought of Ellery’s old boyfriend. He grabbed the tube of K-Y, rubbing it on his cock, then slid his wet fingers between his lover’s outstretched thighs, entering him hurriedly.

“I need you,” Ellery moaned softly, shivering with pleasure and anticipation. “Fuck me,” he whispered, grey eyes flashing with desire as Colson climbed onto the bed and slid his fingers out, pushing up close.

As Colson penetrated him, his chest grew tight with grief and want, beneath his groan of pleasure, his unspoken reply. I need you just as bad, boy. Day an night. They strove together, desperate for each other’s bodies, for the pleasure they craved, even though satisfied, the rhythm of their lovemaking as necessary as breathing. As he came he cried the one endearment that meant the most to him: “darlin!” and they clung together once more, the reason for their desperate coupling, temporarily forgotten, erased minute by measured minute on the videotape still recording emptiness in the living room, and as they held one another, drifting back to sleep in the muzzy afterglow of orgasm, the tape ran to an end, now once again blank.

Outside their window, unheard, the hidden camera that had started it all, came to life as a stealthy figure in a dull green parka emerged from the bushes and stopped short at the sight of the repainted shingles. He stood stock-still, almost long enough for the camera to go dormant once more, then bent and picked up a stone and flung it, this time at the patio door, the glass crazing and cracking slightly, but not shattering. Ellery stirred at the sound, and came gradually awake. The intruder picked up a larger stone this time, moved closer, this time putting all the force of his arm behind it, and when it struck, this time the patio door cracked, partly shattering. Ellery sat bolt upright, hand gripping Colson’s shoulder. “Somebody’s out there,” he said, and squirmed out from under Colson’s stirring body, pulled on his pants and loaded his pistol. “Get dressed.” Then he was out the bedroom door, pistol in hand, heading toward the noise of shattering glass from the third stone as it struck the already-broken glass.

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From: ladybullet Date: June 14th, 2011 05:56 pm (UTC) (Link)

So glad to see youo back!

Oh, I'm so happy to see you back! Now I can catch up where I left off so long ago. I have the whole Laramie Saga printed out and stached in binders, but I was missing this one for some reason. Anyway, thanks so much!
louisev From: louisev Date: June 14th, 2011 06:06 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: So glad to see youo back!

oh there are a lot more stories than this! I am coming up on the climax of book #14 or so. So keep those links handy and make sure to check out the more recent novels as well.
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